The Administrative Staff is composed of the following positions:

  • The Chief oversees the main divisions of the department, with direct responsibility for administration, investigations, fiscal management, information systems, and management responsibility for prosecution and training with the assistance of the Administrative Secretary.
  • The Captain supports the Chief with administrative functions including but not limited to permits, policies, and training.
  • The Lieutenant supports the Chief in the management of the day-to-day operations of the Patrol Division, Detective Division, and crossing guards.
  • The Communication Coordinator manages the Regional Communications Center and coordinates the telephone and other communications services for all Town departments.
  • The Administrative Assistant provides clerical support to the Chief of Police and for the Administrative Division staff.
  • The Records Coordinator supports the Patrol Division through the preparation and management of all Records and supports the Prosecutor's Office with file preparation.
  1. Organization Chart
  2. Admin Directory
Police Department Organizational Chart