When You Call 9-1-1

When you call, you may think that we are wasting time asking you a lot of questions but the information that we gather can be very important. Our staff are trained to handle "In-Progress" Police, Fire, and EMS calls.

Some of the questions we normally ask are:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Phone Number
  • What happened?
  • Location of the incident
  • When did it happen?
  • Is anyone hurt?
  • Are weapons involved?
  • Descriptions and location of suspects or vehicles involved

The information that you provide can speed up the unit's response in finding your house, assist with apprehending a suspect(s), or even help to save a life.

When you call 911 in New Hampshire, the call is answered by the NH Bureau of Emergency Communications in Concord or Laconia. For our Vermont Towns, your call will normally be answered by VT State Police and ultimately transferred to us, if you are within our service area.

If the call is medical in nature, the 911 operator will stay on the line with you and give you instructions on how to handle the situation. The caller will also be set up on a conference call with us here in the Communications Center and we will send the appropriate units.

Calls to 911 that are non-medical in nature are re-routed to the Communications Center where we will ask you questions to determine what units need to respond.