Stewardship Committee


  • 8:30 am
  • 1st Thursday of every month
  • Town Hall

Agendas & Minutes

Public meeting notices are posted in the front window of Town Hall and in the second-floor hallway, across from the Planning and Zoning Office.

Meeting minutes may be reviewed in the Planning and Zoning Office.


  • James Kennedy, Chair
  • Kari Asmus
  • Whit Spaulding



The Open Space Committee is a subcommittee of the Town's Conservation Commission. It oversees Hanover's conservation lands and works to implement the Open Space Priorities Plan. It assists landowners with land protection projects through use of the Commission's Conservation Fund and staff support. It prepares baseline documentation, performs annual monitoring, and develops management plans for conservation lands and lands for which the Town holds conservation easements. It works in active partnership, as appropriate, with the Hanover Conservancy, the Upper Valley Land Trust, the Nature Conservancy, the Society for Protection of New Hampshire Forests, and other conservation organizations.