Open Space Priorities Plan

Hanover's Marshall Brook Natural Area, near Goose PondPhoto: Hanover's Marshall Brook Natural Area, near Goose Pond

The photographs in this report demonstrate many kinds of open space in Hanover, and many of the ways in which open spaces are used. Some, but not all, sites are in public ownership. Some, but not all, will remain undeveloped forever without further public or private action. Photographs by Doug Bechtel, Ed Chamberlain, Molly Donovan, Anne Morris, Judith Reeve, Vicki Smith and Susan Young.

Photographs are in the print editions of this report. The report is available at the Hanover Town Hall and at the Howe and Etna Libraries. Photographs will be added to this online version as time permits.

The public should make no assumptions, based solely on this report, that lands described or shown are open to public use without the explicit permission of the landowner. It is the intention of the Conservation Commission that acquisition of land for the purposes of implementing this plan be made only from willing sellers.