Deer Ticks / Lyme Disease / Related Factors

Prevent Lyme DiseaseLyme Disease, a potentially debilitating chronic condition that is spread by deer ticks, is increasing in the Upper Valley. This website pulls together some materials and research about the complex mix of factors in the ecology of Lyme Disease

All about Black-Legged (Deer) Ticks (PDF): Identification, life cycle, where they are found and their seasonal activity.

All About Lyme Disease (PDF): What is the disease, its symptoms, how it spreads, statistics about the disease, links to information about the disease and steps you can take to protect against it.

Why Lyme Disease Is Increasing (PDF): Environmental factors that explain why Lyme Disease is spreading, such as an increase in deer mice, forest fragmentation, the density of the deer herd, and the presence of certain invasive plants.

Endnotes (PDF): Credits for the images used, scientific references, news and magazine articles, and more detail on some topics. Use this to reference the notes as [a number in italicized square brackets] or locate the URL for any links in this website.

Map of Tick-Borne Diseases in the U.S., 2010