Uses of the Conservation Fund

  1. The Conservation Fund should be used to leverage additional support for implementation of this open space plan.
  2. The Conservation Fund should be used to support land protection initiatives of the Commission's conservation partners for town projects that meet the plan's benefits criteria, primarily in the rural areas of town.
  3. Land protection assistance, as described in Chapter V, should be offered to private landowners who wish to voluntarily protect their property. Each year, $20,000 should be made available and granted by the Conservation Commission to conserve open space priority lands.
  4. A stewardship fund of $30,000 should be created to support enforcement of the conservation easements held by the town. Thereafter, the fund should be increased at the rate of $1,800 for each new easement accepted for town stewardship.
  5. Three thousand dollars should be allocated each year from the Conservation Fund to work with land trusts to permanently protect town-owned conservation lands.
  6. Up to $500 should be available each year for management of town-owned land, to publicly encourage its use, and to develop a volunteer stewardship program including training for volunteers, workshop materials, etc.