Re-envisioning South Main Street For Everyone

South Main StreetSouth Main Street Design Concepts (Wheelock Street to Dorrance Place)

Welcome to the future of South Main Street! 

The Town is developing plans to improve South Main Street to make it better for pedestrians, cyclists, shoppers, downtown businesses, and we need your Help!! We have three design alternatives which have been compiled into an online presentation, which can be found below.

Project Goals

The South Main Street For Everyone project has five core goals:

South Main Street will be genuinely multimodal. South Main Street's new design will support people traveling by all modes, including people walking, biking, taking transit, and driving. The design will provide safe and comfortable spaces for walking and biking, interconnected and efficient transit systems, and efficient travel for people driving.

South Main Street will be open for business. The streetscape will preserve and enhance the elements that make our Downtown an attractive and vibrant place for businesses to thrive.

South Main Street will contribute to a healthy environment. More street trees and better drainage systems, plus pedestrian and cycling improvements will support improved ecological and environmental outcomes.

South Main Street will be inclusive and accessible for all. South Main Street will prioritize design that supports people with mobility, cognitive, or other disabilities. Regardless of ability, age, or background, South Main Street will be designed to welcome you.

South Main Street's design will reflect what we hear from the community. COVID has impacted our normal public outreach and feedback practices and also how we use South Main Street. We have learned lessons from our efforts this summer to make South Main Street safe in a COVID environment and keep the downtown economy alive. Watching how people use the shared street, along with surveys of downtown users and future public outreach efforts, will replace the traditional public engagement process envisioned before the pandemic struck. While our efforts this summer and fall were intended to keep South Main Street safe and vibrant during COVID, they provide great lessons for re-envisioning Main Street.