Tools for Planning

  • Develop a "vision" map of scenic sites and areas, trails, trail connections, wildlife habitat and corridors, historic places and other related features that the town wishes to retain for use and enjoyment of future generations. Only with such vision will scenic protection become a reality.
  • Acquire a 3-D physical model of Hanover's topography to "fit" development to existing terrain, and to effectively assess the impact of proposed development on the town's scenic assets.
  • Incorporate current research on existing easements in Hanover into the Geographic Information System (GIS) under development by the Upper Valley-Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission. Information should be updated annually.
  • Appoint a citizen advisory committee to the Public Works Department, to be consulted on town landscaping needs and all planting plans. Town plans should be coordinated with Dartmouth College's landscape plan.
  • Develop wildlife information through the "Keeping Track" program. Add it to the Master Plan.