• Re-evaluate the vulnerability of Hanover's scenic locales within the framework of this committee's methods and survey results. An unbiased group of citizens should do this at regular and frequent intervals to keep the High-Priority Action list current. (See "Project Methodology".)
  • Develop additional methods for increasing public awareness of the local and regional landscape, which might include but not be limited to:
    • creating displays to circulate between the libraries, schools, Municipal Building, and other public spaces;
    • providing a thorough introduction to the geography of Hanover for the public, and for all new appointees to municipal boards and commissions;
    • developing a scenic locales driving and cycling tour of Hanover to increase public awareness of the dimensions and variety of the town. Provide a map/brochure to be available to the public in the municipal office;
    • establishing an annual road running race, bicycle race and/or walking tour that "tours" the scenic highpoints of Hanover;
    • setting up an additional Valley Quest activity under the Upper Valley 2001 program for Hanover's scenic locales.

In the increasingly complex task of planning for scenic resource protection in the midst of ongoing development, all boards and commissions in Hanover would be greatly assisted by information, maps and other "tools" that are not currently available.