XIII. Survey

  • Some questions too vague and difficult to understand
  • I did the best I could on permitted uses, etc., but to the layperson this is quite complex.
  • I didn't understand a few [of the zoning terms].
  • It was difficult to answer questions on regulations without knowing what the current regulations are exactly.
  • Do not know this village area well enough to comment.
  • I need a bigger map.
  • Not familiar enough with RR, B-1 and SR-2 zones to have strong opinions.
  • I do not know how to answer all these questions.
  • A difficult questionnaire - must be sensitive to being autocratic.
  • We need to be careful not to be too restrictive.
  • The ad hoc Committee has a bias against development or commercial use. The survey leans toward this end. The ad hoc Committee should not be the principal voice for village or rural questions.