SR-2 Zone


SR-2 Zone Amenities


  • Paved sidewalks in a few places, but not throughout


  • Brick
  • Dirt
  • Paths through backyards and woods rather than along roads
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Smooth pathways apart from highway
  • Keep it to "footpath"
  • Pedestrians need safe walkways.
  • Gravel footpaths may help safe pedestrian walking, but it is important to maintain quality and beauty of Etna Village area.
  • Gravel or dirt walkways might be useful if they don't interfere with the village's ambiance.


  • Additional lighting only if it is low to the ground and limits obstruction of the sky.
  • "Lighting" does not mean traffic light.
  • No municipal lights. Keep the night sky dark!

Suggested Additions to the SR-2 Zone

  • The community center of Etna is and should be Trumbull Hall and/or the library, not commercial buildings.
  • More use of the common area by church and greater use of Trumbull Hall by the community (with contribution to the church for its use).
  • The village is pleasant just the way it is. That is part of the charm.
  • Expanded handicap access to the library
  • Etna social focus seems fine.
  • No more retail business on Etna Road.
  • The efforts to maintain the historic nature of Etna Village and Hanover Center and all older homes in Hanover should be applauded.
  • Permit higher village densities where characteristic 17-19th century town form can be created, extended
  • A much larger SR district should be provided along the entire Greensboro-Etna Road corridor.
  • SR-2 might be expanded up hill towards Quail Road, but not along Etna Road.
  • SR zone should not go out to Ruddsboro Road.
  • Don't turn this town into a contrived theme park.
  • Should be more freedom to move, alter or replace existing non-conforming buildings to improve ambiance and safety. Village store could be rebuilt beside brook, away from sight lines, to resemble a traditional mill.
  • SR-2 zone should not be expanded.
  • Prefer no zoning at all.
  • The village model requires something other than B-1 zone and rural retail business zone.
  • Cluster housing for the financially less fortunate
  • Home-based businesses
  • Bike path
  • Camps for kids and adults
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Underground utilities
  • Planned unit development (PUD), not clustered, multi-family, more like Berrill Farms, less single-family
  • Condos, like Berrill Farms
  • More dense housing in this area, and in Hanover Center, and less dense housing in RR zone
  • Limited number of 2-family dwellings, as families are smaller.
  • Library
  • All listed uses sound OK.
  • No more
  • There are too many now.
  • SR-2 zone is the wrong model for development.
  • Keep facilities small in scale (example: a 6-kid day care center rather than 40 kids)
  • Higher density to reduce pressure on outlying areas
  • No restrictions on hunting
  • Consider the amount of well water in Etna. Our 11-year-old, 340-foot-deep well just went dry, which could be due to new homes going up in the area.
  • Someone needs to better define "accessory use".
  • Have trouble with accessory use to Special Exception.
  • No sidewalks except in Business Zone