Weatherize Hanover

Weatherize Hanover is an initiative of Sustainable Hanover to help residents save money, stay warm, and reduce their energy usage by weatherizing their homes. Launched in November 2019, Weatherize Hanover is also a key component in the Town’s campaign to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2030, followed by 100% renewable transportation, heating, and cooling by 2050. Improved energy efficiency, achievable through weatherization, is crucial to achieving these goals.

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Your Weatherize Hanover Step-by-Step Guide

The following resources were specially developed by Vital Communities for our Weatherize Hanover program. If you have questions, email Vital Communities.

Scheduling Your Energy Audit

Reviewing Your Audit Report & Making a Decision

Who to Contact if You Have Questions

  • Your contractor is the best resource for questions about your home or your weatherize work scope.
  • Deanna Bennett, 603-369-4834, is on the team that receives and accepts NHSaves rebate applications for Liberty Utilities customers. Deanna can answer questions about your NHSaves application, confirm your status on the rebate waitlist and handle any problems you may have with your NHSaves contractor.
  • Sarah Brock, 802-291-9100, ext. 109, is Energy Team Leader at Vital Communities and has helped dozens of homeowners navigate their weatherization projects. She can answer any of your general questions.
  • The Weatherize Hanover volunteer team is happy to help in any way we can, including connecting you with neighbors who have already weatherized their homes.

Additional Resources

You will find other related resources at Vital Communities including:

  • Do-it-yourself tips
  • Programs for low-income residents
  • Programs for renters, landlords, small businesses, and nonprofits
  • Programs for energy-efficient heating systems, water heaters, solar energy, and new construction
  • Case studies from homes weatherized in the Upper Valley

Find information about other rebate programs from NHSaves

Weatherize Hanover is brought to you by Sustainable Hanover, with help from Vital Communities and NHSaves.

Weatherize Hanover
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