Zoning Board of Adjustment


The Hanover Zoning Board of Adjustment consists of five full members and up to five alternate members each appointed for a three-year term by the Selectboard. It is important to note that no Board member is allowed to discuss any aspect of a case with anyone outside of a duly notified public meeting.

The responsibilities of the Board include:

  • To hear and act on requests for Special Exceptions as provided in the Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
  • To hear and act on requests for Equitable Waivers as allowed in state statute (RSA 674:33-a)
  • To hear and act on Appeals from Administrative Decisions
  • To hear and act on Appeals for Variances from the strict application of the terms of the Zoning Ordinance (PDF)

Board members

  • Jeremy Eggleton
  • Elizabeth Esinhart, Alternate
  • William Fischel, Vice Chair
  • Richard Green, Clerk
  • Matt Stover, Alternate
  • H. Bernard Waugh, Jr., Chair

Agendas & Minutes

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